Thursday, February 03, 2011

Apple eating youth

Boy eating appleFor the On30 project model railway I need some American figures. At the weekend I had another look at the range from Falcon Figures becuase he has introduced some suitable.

The picture shows the teenage eating an apple. Thanks to a lack of cash machine and the fact the things cost 4 quid each I had to chose between this and a child bawling his eyes out. I went for this one because for some reason I can't explain, he just looks American. Or at least how I imagine an American child would look like before they all started wearing baseball caps and box-fresh trainers. Maybe it's too many cowboy films...

Anyway, the figure comes as an unpaited pewter model. This is a lot harder than whitmetal as I discovered when trying to remove the mould line on his hat. I don't normally prime figures but wonder if I should have done so this time. Paint coverage is OK so I'll live with it for the time being but might change my mind for future models.

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