Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Diary Dates

CalendarTime to open up the new calendar and fill in the boxes. With so many hobbies, it's easy, even this early in the year, to get clashes between events I was to attend.

The first dates to add are those on my exhibition diary for model railway shows. In the early season, there's a lot going on. Flockburgh is out and about 6 times before the summer. If you are in the area, then please drop in and say hello. It's great fun meeting people who read this stuff. In the meantime, I have some layout modifications to consider.

Then there's the Model Engineering Show and International Model Boat Show, both of which I want to have completed some new models for, so I better schedule some time in to get building.

Life must be a lot easier when the only date you have in your diary is when the next issue of "What's on TV" magazine comes out...

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