Sunday, January 08, 2012

Naming the Mighty Atom

MightyAtomWhen David handed over the Micro Huntress, he did mention that the paintwork needed a little touch up and that we ought to sort out a name. I think he was being a bit hard on himself - the hull bottom looked OK to me. However he was insistent so I masked off the area using the swage line as a guide, and wafted some dark blue over the area.

Actually this turned out badly, not the paint itself, but the painting. A word of warning, make sure the paint cup is attached to your airbrush properly. If you don't, it drops off, splattering paint everywhere, especially over your sweatshirt and jeans. The later were Primark and well worn so a bit of paint won't hurt. The turps required to clean them would probably cost more than the clothes ! Not the case with the top but hitting this with white spirit and a quick wash solved the problem and saved me trip to the shops.

Naming the boat was via some make it yourself waterslide transfers sealed with several coats of satin varnish. The front names went OK but at the back I should have dried some thin coats over it as the ink ran slightly. Still, as long as they stay in place while sailing.

The varnish also tones down the gold line around the waterline. I couldn't resist adding this with the bow pen. Perhaps metallic gold wasn't the best choice as it's very runny, but it certainly brightens up the colours and adds a bit of luxury.

Finally, the steering wheel comes from a Bill Bedford etch of wheels. I assume there is a wagon somewhere that has a ships wheel to operate a door or something. It's ideal here though so if I build such a wagon, I'll need another etch.

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