Monday, January 30, 2012


I can't work out if this is neat or not. What you see is an iCar from Minuteman Scale Models in the USA. The idea is that you slot your iPhone into it and then thanks to an angled mirror on the back, can shove the wagon around your HO scale layout while capturing a video.

I've pondered if mini video is a good idea in the past. Maybe it works better on the sort of giant layouts that Americans can build in their cavernous basements. You probably can't see the edge of the little "world" quite so easily. With even the slightest bump in the track such as a point crossing likely to make the thing bounce around a bit, I'm not sure how good the resulting film will be.

Anyway, even though the price is very reasonable, I don't own an iPhone and have no intention of buying one to find out how well this works, or if it even goes under a UK loading gauge structure. I will admit it's quite novel though.

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