Saturday, January 21, 2012

L&WMRS Show 2012

Micro Layout Display

As you read this, I should be standing in the exhibition hall at Stoneleigh on a little bit of carpet which I hope will keep my feet warm.

Even though I'm not a club member, I've been doing my bit to help. At 8:45 on Friday morning, I was sharing airtime with Pete Waterman on Radio CWR's breakfast show. He didn't have to turn up in Coventry at that time, phoning in his contribution, probably from bed whilst being served breakfast by a manservant. Not to worry, my two minutes of fame was well worth the trip.

I also helped mark out the hall. In the cold. Then warmed up by helping unload the 200+ tables from the lorry they arrived in. I might have commented at the time that it didn't look like the club had over 60 members judging by how many were heaving lumps of wood around...

Anyway, Flockburgh is set up. Adjacent to it is a table covered with micro layouts which is standing in for the layout "Hope Mill" which dropped out due to illness. A great shame, but on the other hand you do get 2 replacements even if they are static models. Well I can't run them AND the other layout can I ?

Visit the club website for more details.

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