Monday, January 09, 2012

I must be a serious modeller, I buy the big glue

Little and LargeMy little bottle of liquid plastic glue was nearly empty so I asked my Dad to pick up some more Slaters Mek-Pak for me while he was in Antics Coventry model shop. You can see what he brought back.

It seems that the shop didn't have the expected modest bottle. No, they only stocked the super-sized half-litre version. Like an American at the head of a McDonalds queue, this is what I had to have.

However, this isn't a bad thing. After all, I have a supply that's going to last me quite a long while now. Over the long term, the investment of £21.30 will pay off rather better than any savings I have in the bank. Unless I knock the thing over and spill the contents, I'll eventually use them up sticking little bits of plastic together. To that end, I'll not be working from the metal tub, it's the small bottle (a Humbrol product) that will live on the workbench. Glue will be transferred by pipette and nary a drop will be wasted.

I think I even like the aesthetic. That metal bottle is so much more workman like than the prettier brown glass one the smaller quantities arrive in. It reminds me of the sort of materials you see in the back of a plumbers van - quite a lot like the ones you get from a DIY store but not as pretty.The manufacturers know it's performance, not beauty that sell to the crowd arriving in work boots. You know once you are buying the ugly packaging, you must be serious.


James Finister said...

I was in Coventry Antics today, and I have to say I find them immensely helpful - though they never seem to have what I want in stock. Hamilton news on the other side of the road also stock a surprisingly decent range of modeling magazines.

Michael Campbell said...

I suppose at over £40/litre there is no incentive to drink it or put it in your car!