Monday, January 02, 2012

New year, New look

Regular readers will have noticed that Phil's Workbench has changed its look. I've been planning this for some time - months if I'm honest - but never seemed to get around to it. A new year has given me a kick up the bum to do something at last.

The background image is really my workbench, or at least the self-healing cutting board that lives in it when I'm not wielding a soldering iron anyway. It's looking a bit battered compared to it's brand new state last February ! I've already used this on my loco gallery and I think it gives the blog a nice workmanlike feel.

To compliment this, the main text is in a font that Blogger calls "Permanent Marker". This is a bit controversial as I'm not convinced that it's particularly well supported - on my mobile phone I see a Serif font instead but this could be just a mobile device thing. Worse, it isn't hugely different from the hated Comic Sans. Nothing good comes of writing in crayon under the impression that it makes you look "wacky".

Finally, the LinkWithin gadget provides some related posts at the bottom of each entry. Hopefully this encourages anyone who's dropped in thanks to a search engine to look around a bit and maybe subscribe.

Anyway, this is work in progress, there will be more fiddling in the future. Well, if I pull my finger out at least. Let me know what you think.


Duckie. said...

Like the new look Phil!,looks very busy.

Anonymous said...

I like it. You nolanparker link text needs to stand out more--it's too hard to pick up as a link unless you know it's there.


Steve said...

Looks good Phil. I get a regular sans-serif on my iPhone but that's one less thing to download anyway!

neil whitehead said...

Like the texture background and the marker typeface adds a bit of informality and zest to the page. Trouble is I am now seeing pics of young Japanese ladies inviting me to be their friends in the right-hand column - is this just me?