Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Super D gets back on its feet

Painted Chassis

The freshly cut metal is hanging under the back end of the chassis. It supports the linkage that connects the brake pull rods to the control inside the cab. A bit more planning and I've have remembered to drill holes for the fixing bolts first - as it was I had to fiddle things a bit to allow the heads of these in.

At the front, sand pipes curl around the brake hangers. In real life these are separate but on the model, fixing everything together makes more sens as the separation would be so small as to be invisible. Anyway, the pipes need some support or they will be bashed around in service.

After a good scrub, I masked the hornblocks and blasted a coat of primer followed by some weathered black over the chassis. A bit of touching up with a paint brush to cover the areas where I'd over-masked such as the detailed part of the hornblocks. Life's too short to fiddle around with tape here and you can't tell under the loco as the paint brushes very well.

24 hours hardening later, the wheels and motor go back in. I still need to add rear sand pipes, but apart from that it's ready for the body.

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