Monday, October 14, 2013

A lesson in cable drums

Cable ReelOn the Hellingly Hospital Railway, I've modelled a couple of cable drums. The line is in the process of being electrified so ti seemed a pretty reasonable assumption that there would be drums of overhead wire knocking around.

One drum is on its side, the other standing up.

This caused one visitor to a show to explain that I'd made a mistake. Full cable drums are never allowed on their side.

Apparently once they are, it's nearly impossible to get them upright again thanks to the weight of the wire on the spool.

I'd never thought of that but it makes sense. While I've no idea what a full drum would weight, it's going to be seriously heavy.

Anyway, finding myself with a nice Skytrex spool, I've glued it in the proper orientation on Clayhanger Yard.

Sometimes I do pay attention.

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Anonymous said...

Knowing this detail, another option would be to create a mini-scene with a trio of workers trying futilely to right a spool that had fallen, using large timbers as levers, or haul ropes and a winch or tow-truck of some sort... oh the possibilities.