Friday, October 18, 2013

Preparing for the National Festival of Railway Modelling

Model Beach

Today I am mostly getting ready to head to Peterborough to take part in the National Festival of Railway Modelling. This will be the first time I've attended as part of the British Railway Modelling team so you can find me, being the idiot in the BRM Village.

I'll have a pile of projects already carried out for the magazine, including some of the special secret ones that didn't appear under my name such as the beach above or my defiled Waggon & Horses pub. There's a sneak preview of some upcoming projects too.

If this isn't enough, I'm due to give a talk each day about building your first layout. Being me, I'm not going to be conventional with a speech on woodwork or rail joiners, it's going to be more along the lines of a confessional where I talk you through the things I learned not to do as I built each of my layouts. Come along and learn from my mistakes!

The National Festival of Railway Modelling website

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