Thursday, October 03, 2013

Modelling British Railway Diesel Locomotives now in the shops

My spies tell me that the top bookazine Modelling British Railway Diesel Locomotives is now on sale in WH Smiths around the country.

Listing every TOPS class of diesel from 01 to 99, you get a potted history along with a list of modelling options. That's 58 histories, all written by me and then checked by someone else. On top of this I build an 01, detail 02 options, build and 07 and Class 13 and weather a 15. There's stuff on preserved diesels, short trains and prototype locos.

180 A4 full colour pages long, it contains 223 prototype photos (Mix of B&W and colour) and 139 shots of models both complete and under construction.

Worth £9.99 of anyones money. Especially since it contains an voucher for £10 off orders from ModelFair, so even if you don't like it, you can buy a loco or something and get your money back!

Can't be bothered to go in to town? Well order on-line then. Come on, no excuses!


Iain Robinson said...

I hope it does well, Phil. It's sure to be well written and full of good stuff. I'm sorry I won't be buying it as I can't muster up much enthusiasm for BR frothboxes, but in my defence I normally look out for your other writings!
Pity there's probably not enough of a market for a similar Parker Publication about Industrial Steam...or is there?

Phil Parker said...

Well, several people have suggested possible follow-ups and Industrial locos is a definite posibility. We'll see how this one sells first though.

Jeffrey Showell said...

Industrial locomotives--yes, please!