Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wills Signal Box

Wills KitI like building Wills plastic kits. They generally go together well and the results look nice in a way that very few other manufacturers manage. Sometimes, like now, I need a little project to mess around with that isn't part of some larger work. Some fun rather than work.

SS29 Ground Level Signal Box is of no use to me but I picked up the kit from my final visit to the dying ModelZone store in Birmingham for half the marked price. It's one of the few I've not built in the range and anyway, was the last Wills item in the shop.

Based on a real box, the drawing looks like the resulting model should be pretty accurate. Back in 1986 when the kit was launched, that wasn't always a given.

There aren't many bits but what there are arrive cleanly moulded. The original moulds must have been pretty good as I can't imagine they have been refreshed during the kits lifetime.

Anyway, a simple project (I hope).

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