Friday, May 06, 2016


I'm quite pleased with this. Now the deck is fitted and level, I can work out the bulwarks - that is the sides of the boat above the deck that either keep water out, or in depending on how high the waves are.

As I'm not using the hull as the manufacturer intended, I need a new top line with a bit of shape.

The length is a bit longer than a single cereal packet but by sticking two together, I was able to make a template for the cut. Using it on both sides should result in symmetry. Incidentally, the card from Weetabix "Crunchy Bran" is much better quality than Sainsbury's own brand versions.

A few lengths of 2mm square styrene strip finish off the top edge and look better than trimmed plastic which is too thin. It adds a bit of strength too.

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