Monday, May 09, 2016

Tiny Landrover

SWB Landrover

Some time ago, I spotted this short wheelbase landrover while wandering around town. Obviously I fancied making a model of it. Well, now I have:

Based on an LWB Airfix kit, I've cut'n'shut the plastic vehicle to make my model. 

While the colours might be right, I think it shows what a truly terrible model Airfix have produced. The windscreen has panes far too small, there is something odd about the wings ans the lights are too small and too low. 

A second attempt might involve leaving the windscreen out and replacing it with plastic strip. The lights could be scraped off and re-make. Or I could just use the far better Oxford diecast version. Still, it was fun to make and hidden in a larger scene, it won't matter much.


James Finister said...

The old 1:72 scale Land Rover from the Bloodhound set looked better than the current 1 /76th one to my eyes.

Paul B. said...

That Airfix Landrover isn't actually Airfix, but was aquired when Airfix absorbed the JB Models range. I think that some of Airfix's other 1:76 military vehicles also originated with JB.
Which explains why the Landy isn't up to Airfix's usual standard. In fact its a bit crap.

James Finister said...

HAve Oxford diecast not done anything that is a closer match?

Phil Parker said...

Oxford do a much better SWB Landie, but for the project, I needed to cut'n'shut it and that's a lot easier in plastic. I may re-vist this project in the future with a diecast.

Didn't know about the JB Models stuff. Interesting that.