Friday, May 13, 2016

NG chassis ideas required

OK, narrow gauge nerds, take a look at this:

009 chassis front
009 chassis underside
009 chassis back

Wheel diameter: 5.5mm
Wheelbase: 8mm
Height from rail top: 18mm

I bought this from this seller on eBay for less than £25 RTR.  Placed on some 009 track and given some elelctric juice from a 9V battery, it runs far sweeter than a bantam weight chassis should. 

So, the big question - what should I turn it in to? 

My plan is for a scratch built body but apart from that I'm very open to ideas. My assumption is this should be a 009 model, but it could be an N gauge industrial, or something very narrow gauge in a larger scale, O9 perhaps?


Ian Cooper said...

With a bit of modification, something along these lines?

James Finister said...

Well there is this

Anonymous said...

Go 009, you will have lots of bits to fit like whistles buffers and crew, plus you could even put a narrow gauge line on a future baseboard pperhapse as a dual gauge transfer station?
Take a look at the Paxton Road blog for scratch built from plastic card and bits as well as some of his own etched cabs and full kits, it's a brilliant site for old school modellers. (As is Bron Hebog, hope I spelt that right!)

Mark said...

I've had one of these for a while now and my plan is to turn it into a Kerr Stuart "Wren" class loco. It should fit as there was at one point a kit available to do just that although the kit no longer seems to be available.

Mark said...

Should have said the plan was to do a Wren in 009 -- pressed post before reading back through my own comment, sorry!

Paul B. said...

I have one of these knocking about in the pending pile.
Beware the 4.5v motor. A resistor can be fitted to protect it, and slow the thing down, I think 150ohms is about right?
I'm told that the unit lacks grunt, and for improved pulling power an option is to fit the smallest Nigel Lawton 6v mini-motor.
Some OO9 modellers have used these under a Merlin 'Gwen', available from the Chivers/Five 79 empire. I believe that Mr Chivers is planning a range of kits to utilise this chassis.
Tyneside Models make a printed Kerr Stuart, with an etched cab, but although the kit is pretty decent the service when I ordered mine was appalling.
There's quite a bit written about this tiny chassis on the NGRM-online forum.

Adam Hamilton said...

Hi, the Tyneside Models guy here. As Paul B said I used to sell the Wren as a 3D printed kit through Narrow Planet but they were ordered far more than anticipated, being their most sold kit on their site for a number of months. I couldn't keep up with the orders and the rest of the Narrow Planet crew were not able to help so the end result was closing up shop I'm afraid. It wasn't a great experience and a handful of customers were left waiting for their order for far too long. Paul I apologies for the rubbish service and I would like to make it up to you and other customers we got the back end of the ordeal, please feel free to get in touch.

Phil, there are complete 3D printed Kerr Stuart 'Wren's available in my Shapeways store below if you are still looking for a body.

Best Wishes,

Phil Parker said...

Adam - Sorry to hear the kit had to come off the market, but I understand the problems. Mind you, it must have been good for the demand to be so high.

Interesting stuff in your store. Talyllyn Railway No 9 appeals as I was only looking at the plans in NG&I a couple of days ago.