Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday: Around the back of a bit of art deco

From a railway carriage, Flavel's factory is an art deco gem.Admittedly one that is now buried behind dirt and many years of modification, but a gem nonetheless.


Around the back however, things are a lot less pretty.The architectural style is still there though. Square topped metal framed windows are set in rendered walls. For the modeller, if you can design in the style, then the rest should be easy. I'd think that mounting card would be fine for the walls as it provides a tiny amount of texture. 

This view is from the canal bridge at the end of an industrial estate. The railway passes over the canal on the left hand side of the picture. 

With such a magnificent frontage, you'd think that the owners would be proud to welcome visitors in, but no. It seems that the pretty vista looks out over a recreation ground. For convenience, a modern entrance is provided around the back. 

I'm thinking 1970s. At the time it would have been considered very stylish.

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