Monday, May 23, 2016

Burning the midnight oil


When I get into a project, I really get into it. This photo shows the state my boat was in after midnight a few days ago. 4 hours work while a succession of Battlestar Galactica episodes (the original one when it was space ships and bad acting rather than alluding to stuff and CGI) played at the end of the bench.

It's great when a project really grabs you. Working away with the plastic sheet and watching something appear on the modelling board as the parts come together is just brilliant. You can't get that sort of feeling from just buying a model, you have to craft it yourself.

Along the way, I took advantage of plastic's ease of use. There were mistakes such as putting the portholes too low on the ends and forgetting to make the short panel in front of each door, but these were quickly rectified. By the time I made myself go to bed, I was really pleased with my efforts.

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Anonymous said...

As you were building this little boat during watching BSG you have got to call it after one of ships. Something like Celestra, Rising Star, Athena?