Saturday, May 07, 2016

The full Beatties set?

Beatties wagons

This week, thanks to a lucky ebay purchase, I think I might have completed my collection of Beatties wagons.

In the photo you see (from left to right):
R2444 - Triang open wagon - 1973
Graham Farish - Ventilated van - 1980
R028 - Hornby 7 plank wagon - 1995
R6034 - Hornby Monobloc tank - 1997

Is this the lot?


Duncan Young said...

Beatties vanished about twenty years ago- I still miss their shops.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall Beatties also doing some badge-engineered controllers.

I think they might actually have been Gaugemaster, behind the labels.

Phil Parker said...

A controller is on my wish-list. There were at least 2 versions too.

Nick Brad said...

Congratulations on finishing the set. The question now is, do you have them on display or wrap them up with the beatties bag and hide them away somewhere safe?

Phil Parker said...

At the moment, they live in a Beatties bag with the rest of the collection. I have more than 1 GF van though and have a fancy that some finer wheels and a bit of weathering, it could appear on the layout.

Long term, I'd love a train of each to run properly.