Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Front end filler work

It's all very well having a curved roof, but at the front of the wheelhouse, it needs to slope down.

I cut ribs from plastic to join the front to a central point. Next, 2 layers of 20 thou plastic sheet were curved and fitted to the ribs. I'd hoped that the thin sheet might bend in enough directions to fit in one go, but no.

In the end, I choped away a triangle at the front. This was filled with some lightweight model filler with all the constancy of loose marshmallow. It's sold to aircraft modellers, but I'm told you can buy it by the bucket from Wickes. Probably for a lot less money.

Not happy that this was hard enough, I then skimmed it with Deluxe Materials plastic putty. This was sanded, recoated, sanded, recoated and then sanded and recoated again. I think I'm not happy with the results. At least until I paint them anyway.

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