Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday film club: ex-Donegal railcar in G

For reasons that will become apparent tomorrow,the ex-Donegal railcars on the Isle of Man are on my mind at the moment. 

I've seen them before restoration started and climbed on them a couple of times since the project has stalled. They are lovely looking machines. 


For years I've pondered building a pair (you need 2 for IOM operation) but I could always consider the RTR option from Track Shack when it becomes available. It's just that even for the track power options, I'll need to find £2000 - not something that is happening in a hurry.

So, I'll need to content myself with the video above unless you lot click on those adverts on the side of this blog an awful lot. Still, it is an impressive layout, St Johns in G gauge? Wow!


Huw Griffiths said...

Let's guess - have you got hold of some usable drawings for these railcars - or perhaps a couple of Alphagraphix card kits?

What I can remember is that, when he had a stand at "Warley", the guy behind Alphagraphix also sold white metal bogie sides to go with some of his O scale Manx railcar kits - probably not relevant, but … .

bartholomew sorrentino said...

Nice running machine.
Also, soothing music to go with a rainy Saturday morning here in the USA.