Sunday, March 03, 2019

A sunny day at Butterley


Garden Rail hat on, I spent last Sunday at the Butterley Garden Railway as I'd been asked to give a talk at their AGM.

Arriving early, I enjoyed watching a fine variety of locos running on the two circuits. With the public standing on the other side of the fence, the pressure is on to keep something running to provide entertainment - and they did this with aplomb!

After I had done my bit and while the official AGM was taking place, I snuck outside to give the pair of battery electrics I'd brought along a good run. I need to make sure I have some reliable locos in a couple of months so with the lower level track to myself I let them loose. All went well, but some of the rails were a bit greasy and one loco could really do with a bit more weight if it's going to haul trains reliably. Nothing difficult to fix and I'm glad I found out now.

Double headed diesels

My solution for the long(ish) train was simply to double-head. While the motors speeds are far from matched, this seemed to work, even on the sticky section at the back of one of the loops. Progress was swifter than I'd expected too, but still not up to mixing it with the steam engines. 

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