Thursday, March 21, 2019

Big transfers for a big wagon

For a few months, I've had one of the IP Engineering vans given away as gifts to new subscribers sitting around. You might have seen it in my Butterley video.

My plan had always been to brand it for Garden Rail, but making the giant transfers and applying them without making a mess was daunting - and so I made excuses not to do it.

Last week, I bit the bullet and painted the sides with a few coats of cheap, white acrylic. Then a light spray with some Humbrol acrylic varnish.

The branding was printed on to some Experts-Choice clear decal film.  I didn't have a full sheet, but my printer didn't seem worried. There was just enough. More importantly, the ink from the Epsom Envy 5032 didn't run, something it does on glossy photo paper.

More varnish on the decals and everything was left to dry overnight.

The next day, I cut them out and gave them a bath in water with a drop of washing up liquid in it.

A wash of Micro-Sol on the surface and the transfer, which seemed thicker than expected, was slid into place. More Sol and some gentle patting. Then walk away and leave it to dry.

Results are pretty good. Yes, you can see the edges but the transfers are quite thick. There's no silvering so I'm happier than normal. I hate applying transfers!

Job done, now I just need to finish the painting.

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