Thursday, March 14, 2019

Garden Rail - April 2019 - No. 296

Garden Rail hits the shelves today and as usual, we've an interesting mix of articles.

The main feature is the Kittatinny Mountain Railroad, built by Shawn Viggiano, a really good looking logging railroad. I worry that these can look a bit "samey" but this is great on the page thanks to Shawn supplying us with loads of photos so the designer could do a cracking job.

We've got a bit more variety in scale too with both G1 and G3 being represented. I've had to work a bit to do this and am pleased that all my legwork is starting to pay off. As the only newsstand large scale railway modelling magazine, we need to cover as many bases as possible and provide a wide variety of content.

One of my favourites is "Smurf" - the story of an ugly duckling where Mark Hill details a Tri-ang "Big-Big" steam loco. The result looks nice and there are some useful techniques demonstrated along the way.

Another set of interesting techniques come from Eric Londesburgh making buildings out of pottery clay. Weatherproof and surprisingly detailed, it's not something I'd read before but if you fancy having a go, this is more achievable than you might expect.

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