Monday, March 11, 2019

The return of the Handyman Hall Railway

The Handyman Hall railway

For the Leamington Show, I dug The Handyman Hall railway out of storage. Despite not having seen the light of day for at least 5 years, it is looking pretty good. One loose figure and some discoloured varnish were all the problems found. 

The figure was quickly glued in place, the varnish issue ignored (I pretend it's a running water effect if asked) and after a quick track clean, it was good to go. Testing showed that an L&B loco didn't have a chance on the tight curves, but any of my 4-wheel models were fine. 

Power came from a  Beatties controller which apart from a slightly sloppy direction switch, works perfectly still. Plenty of God's own DC available all weekend.  

An amusing moment came when a youngster picked me up on the rescue boat. He identified an RNLI D Class lifeboat and pointed out it would only be used offshore. I excused myself by saying it was a lifeboat day and they were demonstrating it. 

Actually, the model is a pencil topper which isn't a bad match for 4mm scale figures, if a little short. It's bright orange though, so I like it. 

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Rivet Counters are getting younger !