Thursday, January 23, 2020

A challenge in the Hornby Collectors Club magazine

If you visited the Hornby Collectors Club show at Gaydon last year, you could pick up a goodie back containing a Hornby mug and a wagon. I grabbed mine and used it as the material for a challenge in the latest HCC magazine.

The wagon is a long-wheelbase open and if I'm honest, not one of the firms best. Stretched to fit a guards van chassis, it's a bit weird, but that didn't put me off. I've turned it into an internal user wagon with a few bits from ScaleModelScenery.

Talking of the HCC magazine, because I write for this, I get an appearance in the latest Hornby catalogue.

Since this is the 100th birthday catalogue, this is a big deal. On the page advertising the collectors club, you can see my "When Hornby did sci-fi" article poking out. You can even see my name - fame indeed!


Colin said...

I'm curious to see what you build out of the mug.

Duncan Young said...

I made a coal truck for a Caley Pug (the Smokey Joe shape) years back from a cut down Triang GWR brake (gave it away to the father of an ex!). I suspect this is a similar chassis