Tuesday, January 07, 2020

There's no floor in this plan...

Not a great photo but it was hard enough persuading these ModelU figures to hang on the inside of the J72 cab without worrying about producing something photogenic.

As it was I wasn't going to flatten the side of the figures to provide plenty of area for the glue as that might have them sticking out of the side too far. If they can't get their feet close to the side then that's how it is.

After a bit of messing around with superglue, I used UHU to tack them in place. It's bulky enough to fill any gaps. Then a load of epoxy to ensure they stay put once the floor is inb and re-fixing an errant figure becomes next to impossible.

The figures fill the holes nicely and look natural, which of course they are. I particularly like the fireman looking backwards with a rag in his hand. It's the sort of view you see in old photos.

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