Friday, January 10, 2020

Scale Model Equipment Co. signal

Another mystery for you today. I found this for 3 quid in the bargain bins at a show. It was bagged and boxed, but I was willing to pay the money simply to have a proper look at the thing.

Ostensibly scale, from base to the top of the post it's 5cm tall, which seems a bit short to me.

The arm is operated by a solenoid in the silver base which shoves a pin up to move the counterweight. This is working, returning the arm to danger when the pin drops. It still works when fed 16V AC from an H&M Duette.

The company, Scale Model Equipment, still exist. Set up in 1946 to manufacture models (the logo includes a train, but the one on the website is a car), in the 1950s they moved on to make arms for record players. A few years ago, they developed again to concentrate on " premium high quality precision engineered components"

An interesting model, does anyone remember other items in the range?  


Duncan Young said...

Could be used as a platform mounted starter?

Paul B. said...

SME pick-up arms are reputed to be the best out there, I have one (I was a bit of a vinyl junkie in my younger days) which I intend to use with a Garrard turntable, but so far its been a long project.