Thursday, September 03, 2020

Big box for a layout


While we are on the subject of boxes (see Tuesday's post) I also needed to find a way to protect Furness Quay while it is in storage. 

The problem of old layouts is a growing one for me. I ought to get rid of some, but the Quay is likely to prove useful as a photo backdrop and so while I have it, I want the think kept tidy so it can be pressed into service quickly and not need a refurbishment every time. 

The basic principle is the same as for loco and boat boxes, there's just a bit more wood involved. And some slightly less accurate measuring resulting in a little bodgery with the corner strengtheners to buy a few mm width.  

A little modification was required to fit the fiddle yard in with the layout, but nothing that a few minutes on the mitre couldn't solve, followed by re-fixing the end into the shortened yard. As it was, I didn't need to cut through the track, almost like I'd planned it!

The layout is now nice and snug in its storage and hopefully will be fine in the future. 

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