Monday, September 14, 2020

Nice, fresh baseboards


If you saw last Thursday's post, you'll know that on the latest BRM TV, I'm building a laser-cut baseboard. You'll not be surprised that that baseboard was destined for Selly Oak. You might be more surprised that I recorded the hammering many weeks ago, so the blog is playing catch-up on this project. 

The boards come from White Rose and are excellent quality. Even I can't screw up their construction. 

Both are now marked out in the 6-inch squares of the model of the model. At some point I need to take a jigsaw to the front edge of the left hand one, but that can wait a while as I measure everything up. 

The good news is that the fit comfortably in my workspace, which is good news as I'll be living with them for a while.

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