Friday, April 09, 2010

Axle power

Motor endThe railbus is only powered on a single axle - this should be more than sufficient for a tiny rail vehicle that will never pull anything. The gearbox folds up and is soldered to the chassis plate.

A little open frame motor screws into place and then wheels ans gears are fitted. The last owner strengthened some of the bends with fillets of solder, not a bad idea as the brass is pretty thin.

The gears don't have grub screws to retain them. On the axle a dollop of superglue does the job (Loctite would be more engineeringly but I don't get on with it) and the worm pushes on to the motor shaft without fixative.

The result seems to work OK., Top speed doesn't seem too mad but I'll get a better idea once the other wheels are in.

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