Monday, April 05, 2010


Van bodyThe Ford Y headlamps are exposed bowls in the style so popular with long bonneted cars from the 1930's. Since I only had one casting in the bag of kit bits and my prototype research (Preserved Lorries by Keith A. Jenkinson) showed that 2 was de-regeur for this vehicle, I had to improvise something.

Luckily in the pin drawer I have a few plastic headed pins which were very nearly the right size. Perhaps a a touch overscale but not enough to worry me. Filing one side flat - the plastic is harder than expected but nothing that a fine file can't handle - produced something pretty good.

The pin part was cut short and inserted through new hole drilled in the bonnet sides. The photos show the lamps to be fitted quite close to the radiator rather than the top of the wing location intended by the kitmaker.

Aside from this, a little cleaning up of flash and the body is ready for primer and paint.

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