Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Minor modifications

Partitions inIn a Park Royal Railbus the designer hadn't allowed much space for the driver. He was expected to sit in a little cubicle at the end of the vehicle, slightly more roomy than that provided in a Routemaster bus but not much. According to Branchlines, and I'm not going to argue, his seat was quite impressive with a substantial headrest which looks like it would not only have prevented whiplash but keep his face pointing forward with blinkers to prevent side vision.

The partitions fit into a half etched line in the floor. After quite a bit of fiddling I managed to get the angle right and fitted the first one. On trying it in the plastic body it became apparent that the front needed to be reduced by a couple of millimetres. Easy to do before you fit it but a bit more awkward afterwards so be warned.

The other modification carried out is to split the floor in two. Without doing this I don't think it's possible to fit it into an assembled bodyshell, or at least I could do it. A quick snip with the scissors and now I can drop each end in by flexing the sides a little.

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