Saturday, April 03, 2010

Wiring Kadet

Kadet inardsFor some time I've had my Dad's Kadet kit in the queue for work. The boat needs wiring up and a few finishing touches with the paintbrush before its maiden voyage.

As it happens, the result gives quite a good picture of the basics required to run and control a simple model boat.

On the right there is the receiver. Wires run from this to the steering servo at the bottom of the photo. Another set runs to the right where we have the speed control (Viper 15A as I had one handy and they've never let me down). This is wire to the motor and also the battery - on charge while the picture was taken but will lie in the middle of the wooden frame.

The aerial wire has been fitted around the edge of the hull just under the deck. Not sure if this will work OK until I get the model on the water. In the bath, its sitting quite high in the water so there is a chance I'll be adding a bit more ballast to sort this out. Mind you, if that is as bad as it gets then I won't complain - far better this way than trying to lighten the model to raise the waterline !

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