Monday, April 26, 2010

Seats in

Seats InWhen the railcar kit came to me the floor had been removed from the etch and all the seat supports folded up. The builder had tried to brace these with a little bit of solder but not to any great effect.

There are two sizes of seat supplied, wide and narrowish. Once released from the fret they have to be folded and the located on the supports using a tab on the later. Initially I assumed that the tab went all the way through the slot but this isn't the case, it's not long enough. All it does is locate the back and solder has to do the rest. The different widths are marked on top of the supports with X's and O's to aid assembly.

Assembly once you realise all this is simple - locate the seat and then grip the top of the support and the base with some sprung tweezers. Then run solder up the back to fix the two together.

My worry was, would the things fit in the body ?

Answer, yes once I'd made a few tweaks to the position of a couple of seats. The final job was to unbend all those delicate handrails on the backs. Then realise that the angles and verticalness of some of the seats needed a little adjustment. Then unbend the handrails I squashed while doing this...

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