Friday, April 23, 2010

Local model shops are good

ChemicalsThis is why I will always buy RTR locos from my local model shop. On Saturday I was able to walk in and say, "Mark, what colour should that railbus kit you sold me a few weeks ago be ?"

Apparently BR Multiple unit green. There are two shades of this and the one to use depends on whether I will be painting the front yellow or using speed whiskers. Since I want the later I need the earlier paint which of course wasn't on the rack. A quick trip down to the stock cellar later and the proprietor returned with a bottle of it. During this time I'd remembered my bottle of Mek was nearly empty.

Best of all, in the transfer drawer were some Fox cream lines and whiskers which will apparently do the job. I'm sure my stock includes numbers so I didn't look to see if there were any of these in.

All of this is good because I know very little about railway rolling stock with windows in the side and so being able to ask the question is invaluable. I appreciate I'm not the biggest customer, although this changed a bit when he got a machine to take credit cards, I still try here first. The shop has been open for just over ten years and is maturing nicely with all sorts of junk, sorry goodies, building up and making even regular visitors feel a good rummage is worthwhile.

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