Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Body assembly

Body 1I've got two sets of instructions for the railbus kit. The original Dapol ones and a suplimentary set from Branchlines. According to the later I should paint the body sides beofre assembly and put them together around the interior. The later won't go in through the top of the model in one piece thanks to the tapered profile of the body.

Stuff that I thought. The glue will eat my nice paintwork if I try that. As far as I am concerned, the interior can be chopped up to go through the hole. People build models of ships in bottles so a set of seats shouldn't be a problem should it ?

Well it better not be as I've already glued the body together. There's 8 parts plus a floor to centend with. Each side is made up of a front and back end plus the doors. Airfix intended these to slide open and closed for extra play value but I've glued them firmly shut.

To keep things nice and flat as you can see I put the roof on, being careful to keep fixatives away from it, and weighted the lot with a CD (The best of Miami Vice, £1 from local music shop but others will work just as well) balanced on the edge of a box and a can of soft drink on top. Handy weights these, compact and easy to manage yet a useful source of refreshment and aluminium. Every workshop should have one.

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