Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dark green paint

Loco in boothYet again I have been surprised by the size of this G1 Class 14. To do all the dark bits has taken an entire pot of paint.

A sensible person would have realised this and mixed it up in a glass jar attached to the airbrush. I didn't and had to keep stopping to refill the paint cup. By the end of the process my fingers were pretty green.

Note: the paint isn't really that thin in certain parts. It's just that the spraybooth is in the garage and it's a bit dark in there so I had to use the flash on the camera.

The masking looks to have done its job. I remember reading somewhere that you should remove it as quickly as possible once painting has finished otherwise the colour dries hard and tears when the tape is being removed. Also that paint stays liquid and getting the tape off allows it to relax and not form ridges along the lines of colour.

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