Monday, October 11, 2010

Masking up

Masked cabHaving been a bit busy during the week, I was running out of stuff for the blog. Looking at the projects available I decided that spraying the Class 14 would be the best bet for a Sunday morning. With the cab in light green and buffer beam in yellow, I just had to do a bit of masking and then fire up the airbrush full of dark green to make a big step forward.

I don't like masking stuff. It never seems to work very well for me as regular readers will have spotted. The best tape I've found is a sort of paper/fibre brown stuff which no longer seems to be for sale. I bought my stocks from a now defunct model shop and added to the supply a couple of years later on discovering how good it was - but I can't remember where I did this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Anyway, the painted bits were carefully covered and great efforts have been made to get a good sharp edge. I hope it works.

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