Sunday, October 17, 2010

How high should a model railway be ?

Man on boxThis is a question that regularly rears its head in the model railway press. Usually it's brought up by someone whining that children can't see the toy trains. They fail to understand that "the children" should be sweeping chimneys, working in t'mill or down t'pit and not cluttering up model railway exhibitions and getting in the way of the grown ups.

Anyway, what about us behind the barrier ? Not all railway modellers have the good sense to be strapping 6-footers. Some seem to have not been paying attention when it came to growing up. Or maybe they just stood to close to the steam hammer at t'steelworks.

Mind you, this guy must have very effective couplings and locomotives that never stall. It's not like he can wander along and give them a poke is it ?

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Michael Campbell said...

I hope he has completed a risk-assessment for "working at height"!