Thursday, October 21, 2010

Home comforts and helpful advice.

CarpetThe floor in the Peterborough exhibition hall was hard.

Very hard.

Hard enough that by the end of a day standing up playing trains our feet were sore. Dear readers, this is the pain we exhibitors go through to bring you, the paying public, high quality model railways. Don't worry about us, we will smile through the paint, troopers that we are...

Anyway, on Sunday there was a brainwave. For some reason in the back of the car was a red mat. A couple of feet square of carpet. And when we operate Flockburgh we don't wander around much.

Result - tootsies that are a lot happier thanks to a little bit of comfort. And that ladies and gentlemen is my advice. Protect yourself from the evil concrete floor with a bit of carpet and you'll still be skipping around at home time.

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