Friday, October 08, 2010

Hellingly Hospital Railway in Model Rail

Back in May, Chris Nevard came over and took some photos of my model of the Hellingly Hospital Railway. The results can be seen in issue 149 of the magazine which should be in the shops when you read this (well, if you are reading it in October 2010 anyway - if not you'll need a back number). I've even made the front cover !

All this reminded me that I really should do something about the Hospital Railway Website. It's now been brought up to date with a few new pictures and a completely new (OK, copied from the Flockburgh site) design.


David Smith said...

Yes, your website is an improvement. I'd like to add both of them to my model railway directory page. OK? Have you seen my site yet? (links in my blog).
Intrigued by your model people. Are they home made?

Phil Parker said...

David - Feel free to link to any of my web sites. The new one is an improvement and just leaves me with the Melbridge Dock one to get around to. The only trouble is I have 2 others I need to do and since my real job is doing web stuff (19 more sites to get live before the end of the month !) then doing more in my spare time isn't that appealing at present.

The people are alll commercial products. I have a big pot of them I add to when I see interesting and well crafted models, then I pick them from this when building a model. They are a mix of whitemetal and plastic but hopefully you can't tell which is which.
As for your blog - it's one of those on my iGoogle home page readers so I always see it.

Chris Nevard Model Railways said...

Hi Phil,

Hellingly was a joy to photograph, and as a credit to your built-in lighting, one of the very few layouts I've ben able to photograph without having to get out the studio kit! See you at Wycrail!

Phil Parker said...

Thanks Chris. Seeing the photos in print they look fantastic. Pehaps the editor should have put a break out box on the page mentioning the lighting. Maybe a picture of you on the top of it followed by "Chris N says..."