Friday, October 29, 2010

Static flyers

Model SpitfireSpotted at Peterborough - this static Spitfire on an otherwise superb layout.

I don't know what it is about static aircraft but they really offend my sensibilities. To be fair this one has the decency to sport a plastic disk to represent a spinning propeller rather than the version supplied by Airfix but it still looks, in my opinion, Wrong.

A similar transgression was carried out by the fantastic Cher Tor 2mm scale model railway, home to a nicely modeled English Electric Lightning barreling down the valley. Except it didn't. It just hung there.

Do this in a real aeroplane and physics takes over. The result is a pile of bent parts on the ground. It's the thing I always worry about when faced with the prospect of getting on board a full sized flying machine.

What's weird is that I have a lot less of a problem with other static items on model railways that should really be moving. Cars posed on the road don't offend my eye too much, although I much prefer to see them parked at the side in positions that are appropriate for non-moving motor vehicles. Buses are traditionally placed on top of a bridge rather than a bus stop.

Worse, people are always immobile. Again, picking suitable poses helps a lot - no more "running men" on platforms please - but we accept that they don't move. Passengers never board trains either. I know we can't yet make them move. Maybe the eye just conveniently ignores the anomaly.

Why is it that we happily accept that the only moving thing on our layouts is the railway ?

But aeroplanes on string belong in bedrooms.


Robert Thompson said...

With cars phil, if your medelling a modern image layout just have a traffic jam and that solves the problem of cars not moving!

Nevardmedia said...

I'd rather not have any people at all on my layouts, and it's amazing that no one ever really notices. I like a crew in locos though.