Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Now that's an idea for a fascia

Railwayana AuctionMooching around the always interesting Great Central Railwayana auction I spotted this cracking sign. Were there not a person in front of it you'd be able to see that the text reads "Dock Junction". At 10 foot long and 12 inches deep this would be just the thing for a follow up to Melbridge Dock as it would match the length of layouts I like to build.

Mind you, there are a few little issues. The cost which I'm sure was many hundreds of pounds. And the Belingo can't accommodate a 10ft long board without punching a hole in the windscreen. And it would take a pretty beefy structure to support the thing over the layout.

Note: The board is described in the catalogue as A BR(M) enamel signal box nameboard, Dock Junction, (f/f). The box was outside ST Pancras just south of Camden Road Tunnels. 10" X 12', some discoloration.

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