Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to sell a programme

Programme entryOn the way in to the Model Engineer show I was accosted and flogged a programme for the event. Why did I buy it ?

Simple - Every single exhibit is listed and that means my name is in there twice.

To be honest, I don't get the point of the guide. Why would you want to refer to it after the event ? For what purpose would you need to know the name of the builder of anything ? Surely if they wanted you to know who they were, they'd have put a little card with their details beside the model.

My suspicion is that it works on the local paper model. Open your local rag and there will be lots of photos of children. This is because their parents and grandparents will all go out and buy copies. Therefore the more people in the pictures, the higher the circulation. Genius.

Despite this we still buy the thing. In my case it's pure ego. As regular readers will be aware I'm about as much of an engineer as Ann Widdicombe is a dancer (Note: topical reference. I am so down wid da kidz !) but just for a moment I can pretend.

Oh, and it reminds me that I still haven't made any progress on the Brede Lifeboat which remains a hull in a box rather than a display on a stand. Honestly, I really do mean to finish it one day...

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