Thursday, March 03, 2011

Airfix GMC Truck

Airfix GMC Truck by Phil_Parker
Airfix GMC Truck a photo by Phil_Parker on Flickr.
Job done - The various sub-assemblies of the truck went together nicely and after a quick coat of paint (Humbrol 159, Khaki Drab followed by a waft of Testors Matt varnish) the model is ready for the layout.

As mentioned earlier, the canvas parts didn't fit very well but at the back I managed to stick once side of the top to the side of the body, let it dry and then do the same opposite. My concerns about the strength of what I was sticking it to were unfounded. The cab canvas was fitted to the top of the windscreen and then leveled and glued at the back.

One impressive part of the kit is the transfers. There are loads of them and they are beautifully printed. If I'd gloss varnished the body, I suspect they would stick invisibly, although they show up more in the photo than real life.

I built this model as background scenery for a huge layout. As such it's little more than a stick the bits together job. On the box cover the vehicle is shown in action with loads of cans and wire slung over it. That would make a smashing model, but not for one heading to the beaches, they picked up those "in service" modifications after landing. With a bit of imagination this kit would be the perfect basis for a much more detailed model along those lines, and at the price would provide many pleasant hours of model making.

Photo note: This shot was taken using my new HTC Desire mobile phone. After a little tweaking in Picnik, looks pretty good. Not publication quality but not bad for a 'phone.

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Just wanted to put a short comment on taking photos with the HTC Desire. I have the same phone but if I'm gonna take some important picture I remove the cover. The plastic that covers the camera lens is made of cheap plastic and this reduces the quality of the picture. Try taking a photo with and without the cover and you'll see (no pun intended).

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