Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Modern colours

Fish boxesOn the bench is a modern fishing boat which needs some details. Boxes of fish would seem an obvious addition but painting these resin castings has forced me to think - never a good thing.

Most of my modelling projects are based in the 1950/1960 period. As far as paint goes then as long as you have plenty of dark brown, beige and grey, you are sorted. Even if we didn't see the period through black and white film, there wasn't a whole lot of colour around in real life. This is confusing for younger modellers who have always lived in technicolour. Some I understand were even born during the 1980's when florescent colours were everywhere, although they will probably be in bed by now as it's school tomorrow.

Anyway, plastic fish boxes for a modern era need colour. Not being a regular on the oceans I've made an educated guess and gone for yellow and pale blue. Both gloss colours as these models are 1:24th scale and so big enough to show a sheen. A wash of pale grey provides the slight effect of wear - plastic boxes don't really weather properly.

These are quite pretty really. I could get into this modern modelling, but then I'd need to buy even more paint and Mr Humbrol has done well enough from me over the years.

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