Thursday, March 24, 2011

Class 26 underbelly

Fuel Tank 1Time for some "proper" modelling. Under the 3mm scale Class 26, I need some underframe details. To this end, lots of photographs have been wrenched from teh Interweb and plans photocopied.

I studied them really hard and then came up with a better idea. In a pile of modelling stuff is a Heljan Class 33 that I've borrowed. Turning it upside down in the Peco loco servicing cradle give me a good view of all those funny shaped bits under a diesel.

In thoery, it was just a case of measuring each item, dividing the lenth by 4 and multiplying it by 3. Well sort of.

The main fuel tank took me two goes but now the result looks pretty good. Of course, the Class 33 and 26 differ slightly, especially since I want an early 26. That's what the pictures, a bit of imagination and a realisation that in 3mm scale, no one can see all the detail, give me.

Fuel Tank 2

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