Monday, March 28, 2011

Ruston 165DS - Finished

165DS low level

4 months isn't bad for building a locomotive I suppose - although it's less impressive when you don't have a proper job and ought to be able to find a lot more time in the day for this sort of thing. Still, the locomotive is finished now.

The yellow paint job has been calmed significantly with a wash of Precision "Underframe dirt" followed by some misting of rust, earth and dirt from the airbrush. While it might have started as a rather shocking hue, the effect of the weathering is to calm it down and the results, I think, are fantastic. I'd never have thought of painting the model yellow, my preference tends toward black for this sort of model loco, but the customer wanted 1970's and by then yellow was a real possibility. I'm so glad we went for it.

Another nice touch is the driver hanging out of the window. Again, not my idea but it works a treat. In truth, he's probably a bit too far our but we can get away with it.

So, a result. A nice HO scale etched brass kit. Easy enough to built in diesel-electric form and a very satisfying result.

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Anonymous said...

Four months would be a speed record for me in loco building.

Thanks for the tip re: colour washing by the way