Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Class 26 on test

Class 26 on test

During the weekend, when there was a suitable 3mm fan occupying the barrier, I gave the Class 26 a run to see if it would do what I required of it.

The good news is, it does. In fact it does very well. The BullAnt bogies work smoothly and quietly. Far quieter than the Class 22 - it's like Brian Sewell compared to Brian Blessed. The regauged axles trundled through the pointwork apart from the unpowered one which lumps slightly on one point. They stay on the track though.

Haulage capacity is around 6 vans through a couple of reverse curves. With a bit more weight, it's just got a lump of leftover chassis casting in at present, this should go up to beyond the capacity of the layout.

The unfinished model attracted a lot of interest, in fact that's why it did so many trips around the model. People seem to be interested in seeing, rather than being told, how models are made. Not too many though, we don't want shows full of half-built models thank you. Please finished most of them thank you.

In fact I was well pleased, right up to the end of Sunday when a wheel fell off. Looks like I need to glue it before putting it back on.


CF said...

Is it as irritating as Brian Sewell though?

Phil Parker said...

No - but having got this working, I am nearly as smug !