Saturday, November 10, 2012

Another boat for the dustbin

Tomorrow, I will be manning a stand at the International Model Boat show. On the same stand, the plan was that my Brede lifeboat would be sitting there as a demonstration of work in progress.

I'd not done any work on it for over a year so I thought I'd dig the model out and see if I could advance the project a little. A desk would be nice and perhaps the start of some superstructure.
Deck Fitting

Fitting the desk was fairly painless. Using thin liteply I fixed the top to the hull using waterproof PVA. Because of the undulations exhibited by the prototype, while the glue dried, the deck was held in place with screw-in planking clamps. After a couple of hours, things were well fixed.

I left the deck over-large rather than try to make it precisely right. Cutting back the excess back was achieved with the piercing saw and then a small power sander. A bit of filler and all looked good.

Hull Error
Well, it did until I looked properly. With the deck fitted, it was obvious that something was seriously wrong with the back end of the boat. One side was half a centimetre nearer the centre line than the other. Somewhere along the line, I had really screwed up my measurements and it has taken until now to find out.

For a little while I pondered on ways of fixing this cock-up, but in the end it was obvious that any repair would take monger than starting again and still not be as good as doing the job properly. Sadly, this meant that all my hard work had to go in the bin and not on the stand.

Must try harder.

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